Michael A. Teitell, MD, PhD
Photo: Michael Teitell



Elected 2004
Our lab is interested in the etiology of human B cell lymphomas. One main area of study focuses on a novel type of DNA methylation involved in silencing gene expression in mature B cell lymphomas. The rules that govern this epigenetic silencing are being investigated. A second major area of study is in the biology of the Tcl1 oncogene, which was discovered during a screening survey for genes that could promote B cell lymphoma formation. A third area of work involves studies on a novel type of RNA degradation that regulates cell survival. A fourth area of study is in collaboration with a group of talented physicists and engineers to design new methods for interrogating cell motion and development of new tools to evaluate DNA-protein interactions in real-time. These distinct areas of study all converge on the common goal of increased understanding, diagnosis and treatment of human malignancies.