Bruce Edward Clurman, MD, PhD
Photo: Bruce Clurman



Elected 2005
My research focuses on normal and neoplastic mechanisms of cell cycle control. The broad questions we study are 1) what types of cell cycle mutations occur in cancer?, 2) how does aberrant cell cycle control lead to cancer?, and 3) can deregulated cell cycle pathways be exploited to develop diagnostic and therapeutic reagents?. A major theme of our work is to understand how signal transduction pathways and proteolytic mechanisms interact to regulate the cell cycle machinery. Current examples of our work include mechanisms of cyclin E regulation and cyclin E-associated tumorigenesis, regulation of cell growth and proliferation by the Fbw7 ubiquitin ligase and tumor suppressor, the interaction of oncogenes with cell cycle regulatory pathways, and proteomic approaches to finding cyclin-Cdk substrates.