Kwok-Kin Wong, MD, PhD
Photo: Kwok-Kin Wong



Elected 2008
My research focuses on understanding the pathogenesis and genetic alterations involved in lung tumorigenesis as well as testing novel lung cancer therapeutics in vivo. To accomplish these goals, my laboratory integrates human lung cancer genomic studies, generation of new de novo mouse model of lung cancers and novel drug treatment studies on these mouse lung cancer models. To understand genetically the role of the recently discovered mutated B-RAF, HER2/NEU, EGFR and PI3K kinases in lung cancer, my laboratory has generated various inducible bi- transgenic mice harboring these mutations. We have recently demonstrated that the activation of EGFR and B-RAF are oncogenic in vivo as mice expressing these activated alleles develop lung adenocarcinomas de novo. We are now characterizing these mice in details and using them as unique platform for testing of novel therapeutics that specifically target these pathways.