Muredach P. Reilly, MB, MSCE
Photo: Muredach P. Reilly



Elected 2010
I am a cardiovascular physician-scientist who applies clinical, translational and genetic approaches in researching the metabolic syndrome and atherosclerosis in humans. Specifically, I have focused on causative inflammatory pathways involved in human insulin resistance, adipose dysfunction, and impaired reverse cholesterol transport. My group was first to demonstrate that activation of innate immunity in humans induces insulin resistance coincident with adipose inflammation, attenuation of adipose insulin signaling and modulation of adipokines. Recently, we discovered new adipose gene targets and secreted proteins modulated by evoked inflammation in vivo and demonstrated that inflammation retards multiple steps in the reverse cholesterol transport pathway, a key atheroprotective function of HDL. I have a specific clinical interest in identification of novel biochemical and genetic predictors and therapeutic targets for subclinical atherosclerosis and its consequences in humans, particularly in metabolic syndrome and type-2 diabetes. In this capacity, I lead an NIH-funded Penn Cardiovascular Institute group focused on large-scale collaborative efforts to identify new genes for human atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases. I strive to translate such discoveries through greater mechanistic understanding into novel strategies for assessment and treatment of human heart diseases.