Janet Sojung Lee
Photo: Janet Lee



Elected 2013

Dr. Janet Lee’s research centers on the molecular pathogenesis of acute lung injury from severe pneumonia and sepsis. Janet Lee studies host-pathogen interactions utilizing relevant respiratory pathogens to understand the basis of normal and aberrant host immune response that impact the function of the alveolar capillary barrier interface. Her work focuses on the regulation of lung inflammation, myeloid cell recruitment and function in lung injury caused by infection or pathogen virulence factors. In addition, she has had a long-standing interest in research questions at the intersection of hematology and lung biology, particularly with regards to how platelets and red blood cells influence the course of lung inflammation. Her laboratory utilizes molecular genetic approaches, in vitro biochemical assays, in vivo murine models, and bio-samples from human cohorts to address questions related to the control of inflammation in lung injury.