Peyman Golshani, MD, PhD
Photo: Peyman Golshani



Elected 2021

Peyman Golshani obtained his MD/PhD at UC Irvine and UC Davis under the mentorship of the late Dr. Edward G. Jones, where he studied the functional development of connections between the cerebral cortex and thalamus. He then completed his neurology residency at UCLA. He obtained postdoctoral training with Guoping Fan, Felix Schweizer and Carlos Portera Cailliau where he studied the role of DNA methylation in brain development and the maturation of cortical activity patterns driving circuit refinement. He was appointed Assistant Professor at UCLA and Neurologist at the West LA VA . He is now a Professor in Residence and the John Mazziotta Endowed Professor in Neurology at UCLA. His lab studies how cortical and hippocampal neurons lay down short and long term memories and the role of each specific cell type in this orchestrated activity. He also studies how the connectivity and excitability of different cell types become altered in models of neurodevelopmental disorders with the goal of discovering new treatments for these disorders.