Jean-Pierre Raufman, MD



Elected 1994

Dr. Raufman completed GI Fellowship at the University of Michigan where he worked in the lab of Dr. Jorge Gumucio (1978-80). He completed additional research training in the NIDDK Digestive Diseases Branch mentored by Drs. Jerry Gardner and Robert Jensen (1980-83). Since July 1983 Dr. Raufman pursued four primary lines of research: the regulation of pepsinogen secretion; discovering and characterizing bio-active peptides from lizard venoms; developing bile acid analogues for in vivo imaging of bile acid transport; exploring the role of muscarinic receptors and ligands in GI and liver physiology and disease. He has been funded by NIH (NIDDK and NCI), the VA Merit program, and foundations (e.g., 1984 AGA/ Industry Scholar Award). He published >250 peer-reviewed papers, reviews, and book chapters, and has several patents - his innovative work on peptides from lizard venom led to using GLP-1 analogues (e.g., exenatide) to treat diabetes and obesity. Dr. Raufman served on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Clinical Investigation and is a JCI Consulting Editor.