Michel C. Nussenzweig, MD, PhD
Photo: Michel C. Nussenzweig



Elected 1999

Dr. Nussenzweig is currently the Zanvil A. Cohn and Ralph M. Steinman Professor of Immunology at The Rockefeller University and a Howard Hughes Investigator. He completed his undergraduate training at NYU, his PhD at The Rockefeller University and his MD at NYU. Working with Ralph Steinman, Michel discovered the role of dendritic cells as antigen presenting cells. After completing his medical training and fellowship in infectious diseases at MGH, he pursued postdoctoral research with Phil Leder investigating the regulation of the antibody response and allelic exclusion. He returned to The Rockefeller University in 1990 where he has remained, studying the dynamics of the antibody response and the role of dendritic cells in immune tolerance. He is a Member of the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Medicine, and other distinguished academies, and he is the recipient of numerous international awards, including the Robert Koch Prize and the Sanofi-Pasteur Award.

Honors / awards

ASCI | Harrington Prize for Innovation in Medicine (2022) for breakthrough innovations in the use of human antibodies to treat COVID-19 (shared with James E. Crowe) More
National Academy of Sciences (2011)
National Academy of Medicine (2009)
American Academy of Arts & Sciences (2007)