Jens D. Lundgren, MD, DMSc
Photo: Jens Dilling Lundgren



Elected 2005
My work has focused on clinical aspects of the HIV infection from studies of Pneumocystis pneumonia to the natural course of the HIV infection prior to and after the availability of suppressive antiretroviral therapy. In the last several years the focus has been to refine the risk:benefit ratio of disease-specific prophylaxis to prevent occurrence of infectious complications, and to define durability and complications from continued exposure to antiretroviral therapy including the risk of cardiovascular complications and predictors of outcome in patients with acquired resistance to antiretroviral therapy. This research has been conducted via the creation and coordination of several large-size and multicentre prospective cohort studies and randomised controlled trials. In this role, I serve as principal investigator for the following studies: EuroSIDA, D:A:D, MaxCmin 1&2 and COLATE. I am heading the Copenhagen Regional Coordinating Centre responsible for the conduct of ESPRIT, SILCAAT and SMART across Europe, and serve on the executive (scientific; steering) committees of these studies. I am also a member of the executive committee for the European AIDS Clinical Society, consultant to the WHO Collaborating Centre for International Drug Monitoring and co-editor of “HIV Medicine”.