David B. Corry, MD
Photo: David B. Corry



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Elected 2006
My laboratory is engaged in the dissection of the critical molecular pathways underlying T cell-dependent inflammation in the mouse. We utilize a number of in vivo disease models, including allergic lung disease (ALD) and Leishmania major infection to understand the critical checkpoints in the evolution of these inflammatory processes. Specific projects are focused on dissecting the function of the interleukin 13 (IL-13) receptor subunits in the ALD model so as to construct a comprehensive model of IL-13 receptor structure and function. We are further seeking to define the innate immune receptors of the airway and their signaling pathways that are required to initiate allergic airway inflammation. In addition, we are dissecting the functional contribution of integrins, especially CD11a and its unique polymorphisms, to T cell homing in both allergic and non-allergic inflammation. Finally, we are beginning to identify the endogenous regulatory RNAs controlling the evolution of allergic inflammation. The overall goal of this research is to identify new targets for therapeutic intervention that will be useful for the prevention and therapy of asthma and related respiratory diseases.