Jonathan R. Pollack, MD, PhD
Photo: Jonathan R. Pollack



Elected 2006
Our laboratory uses genomics approaches to investigate the pathogenesis and biology of human cancer, and to identify strategies for improved cancer diagnosis, prognostication and patient management. In addition to expression-profiling studies, we have pioneered array-based comparative genomic hybridization (array CGH) methods to map DNA copy number alterations genome-wide at high-resolution in tumor genomes, and apply biocomputational approaches to integrate array CGH and expression-profiling data to discover additional insights into cancer pathogenesis. Active areas of investigation include: (1) Defining gene-expression signatures for improved clinical outcome-prediction and risk-assessment in acute myeloid leukemia; (2) Characterizing newly discovered gene-expression subtypes of prostate cancer to identify pathogenetic alterations and biomarkers for risk-assessment; (3) Mapping recurrent DNA amplifications and deletions in common epithelial tumors (breast, pancreatic and lung cancers) to discover new cancer genes; (4) Investigating mechanisms underlying genomic instability and the shaping of tumor genomes.