Kevin A. Schulman, MD
Photo: Kevin A. Schulman



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Elected 2006
Dr. Schulman's studies in decision making, health economics, and access to care illuminate how scientific discoveries are translated into clinical practice. In decision-making studies, he has challenged previous notions of patients' behavior by demonstrating that patients with life-threatening conditions are risk-seeking in decisions about therapy. Likewise, Dr. Schulman's foundational work in "clinical economics" moved quickly from traditional analyses of mature therapies to innovative studies of new technologies, enabling researchers to provide economic data at the time clinical and policy decisions about therapies are made. Dr. Schulman was a pioneer in incorporating rigorous prospective economic analyses into pivotal randomized trials. He and his team developed many of the groundbreaking methodological approaches that guide research in this area. He has since been an economic investigator for numerous multicenter clinical trials in several therapeutic areas, and he has conducted important studies regarding the conduct of such research. Dr. Schulman's research in access to care has focused on studies exploring the roles of race and other sociodemographic factors. Dr. Schulman developed one of the most original and controversial experiments on access to care ever attempted, demonstrating that patients' race and sex had significant effects on physicians' perceptions and clinical decision making. He has also developed a model of how race and gender can impact access to care at each stage of the referral process for patients receiving complex interventions.