Eric D. Peterson, MD, MPH
Photo: Eric D. Peterson






Elected 2007
Dr. Peterson's research interests have centered on cardiovascular outcomes research and quality assessment. The unifying hallmark of this work has been to combine state of the art analytic methods, clinical knowledge, and originality to identify care gaps and then to design and evaluate interventions to address these issues. His initial research investigated racial disparities in cardiac care. He also has assessed care quality among other vulnerable populations including the elderly, women, and those with lower socioeconomic status. Recently, Dr. Peterson has generated a series of important studies linking both safety and quality of care to patient outcomes. Dr. Peterson has also worked to promote quality improvement in community practice. He has been an author of several national care guidelines as well as, appropriateness criteria, and disease management strategies. Dr. Peterson concurrently directs the analytic centers of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons’ (bypass, valve, thoracic, and congenital heart surgery); the American Heart Association’s Get With the Guidelines program (coronary disease, stroke, and heart failure); and the American College of Cardiology’s Catheterization and PCI Registries. He also co-founded CRUSADE, a 450+ hospital national acute coronary syndromes quality improvement initiative.