Katherine L. Nathanson, MD
Photo: Katherine Nathanson






Elected 2009
Dr. Nathanson’s research focuses on the genetics of human cancer, both germline changes which confer susceptibility to cancer and somatic genetic changes associated with outcome in response to therapies in cancer, with the ultimate goal of using genetics as a tool to improve the management and care of patients. The principal areas of her research are 1) susceptibility to testicular germ cell tumors (TGCT); 2) hereditary breast and ovarian cancer; 3) somatic genetics of melanoma; and 4) renal cancer genetics. Within the areas of inherited susceptibility to cancer, she leads a case-control study which has identified important genetics determinants of susceptibility to testicular germ cell tumors. She also has worked for many years in the area of hereditary breast cancer, characterizing high risk breast cancer cohorts, identifying modifiers of penetrance and participating in gene discovery projects. In melanoma, her laboratory using genetics and genomics to sub-set melanomas to better understand response to therapy, and identify novel genes important in melanoma progression. In renal cancer, her laboratory has worked collaboratively to sub-set clear cell renal cancers into groups that may be predictive of therapeutic response.