Daniel R. Goldstein, MD
Photo: Daniel R. Goldstein


Elected 2010
My laboratory has two parallel research programs: how aging impacts inflammation and how inflammation alters alloimmunity and transplantation tolerance. Regarding the former area, we have discerned a new pathway, which depends on exaggerated inflammatory responses, by which aging induces mortality during viral infection (Cell Host and Microbe, 2009). More recently, we have discerned novel innate pathways by which aging exaggerates vascular inflammation and leads to atherosclerosis (Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Bio, 2012). Regarding the latter area, my laboratory was the first to discern the role Toll like receptors play in acute allograft rejection and transplant tolerance induction (JCI, 2003, AJT, 2004, The JI, 2006, JASN, 2009). Furthermore, we recently identified haptoglobin as a novel innate immune ligand that activates innate immunity to accelerate transplant rejection (JCI, 2011). My laboratory's work has been supported by the NIH, American Federation of Aging Research, Roche Organ Transplant Research Foundation, American Society of Transplantation, American Heart Association, and the Society of Geriatric Cardiology.