Joshua D. Nosanchuk, MD
Photo: Joshua Nosanchuk



Elected 2010
Dr. Nosanchuk is a highly productive physician-scientist who has published on a broad range of topics. Importantly, he has made significant contributions to infectious disease research through advancing the understanding of fungal pathogenesis and immunology. For instance, he has elucidated the protective role of antibody during infection with Histoplasma capsulatum, demonstrated that Cryptococcus neoformans produces melanin during human infection, identified a conserved mechanism of vesicular transport of macromolecules across cell walls in fungi, and developed the first method for targeted gene disruption in Candida parapsilosis. Also, he has translated observations pertaining to melanin biology to the development of a potential treatment of melanoma and a monoclonal antibody he generated is in a clinical trial for the treatment of this cancer.