Matthias Kretzler, MD
Photo: Matthias Kretzler



Elected 2011
My research focus is on the analysis of molecular mechanism of glomerular disease across species, tissues and diseases. Using integrated biology approaches my research team has define transcriptional networks in human glomerular diseases and integrate them with complex clinical data. I coordinate several multicenter prospective cohorts studies for high-resolution clinical phenotyping and comprehensive biobanking of patients with glomerular disease. An international multi-disciplinary research team performs large-scale data integration in these cohorts across the genotype-phenotype continuum of glomerular failure. Environmental exposures, genetic predispositions, epigenetic markers, transcriptional networks, proteomic profiles, metabolic fingerprints, digital histological biopsy archives and prospective clinical disease characterization are used to redefine renal disease on the molecular level. To this end, I direct the U54 Nephrotic Syndrome Study Network (NEPTUNE), the applied systems biology core (ASBC) of the O’Brien Renal Center at the University of Michigan and are one of four PIs of the R24 Multidisciplinary Research Network for Diabetic Complications.