Christopher Landrigan
Photo: Christopher P Landrigan



Elected 2011

Dr. Landrigan is Chief of General Pediatrics at Boston Children’s Hospital, Director of the Sleep and Patient Safety Program at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and the William Berenberg Professor of Pediatrics and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. He was a founder of the Harvard Work Hours, Health, and Safety Group; founding chair of the Pediatric Research in Inpatient Settings (PRIS) Network; and founder of the I-PASS Study Group and I-PASS Institute. Dr. Landrigan has led a series of major studies on the epidemiology of medical errors, and interventions designed to reduce them. His most important work has been focused on developing reliable patient safety measurement tools, and studying innovative changes to residency programs and academic medical centers. His work on the relationship between resident work hours, sleep, and patient safety was a cornerstone of the NAM’s 2009 report on resident-physician work hour standards. More recently, he led development of I-PASS, a multi-faceted communication improvement program that AHRQ has called the gold standard for safe handoffs, and which has now been adopted by hundreds of hospitals across the country. He and family co-investigators have successfully adapted I-PASS to improve communications with patients and families.