Daniel Kreisel, MD, PhD
Photo: Daniel Kreisel


Elected 2012
Daniel Kreisel is a general thoracic surgeon with an interest in lung transplantation. Our laboratory focuses on studying innate and adaptive immune responses after lung transplantation. Outcomes after lung transplantation are worse than after transplantation of other solid organs. Research is this area had long been hampered by the lack of a physiological murine model. Our laboratory has developed and characterized models of orthotopic vascularized lung transplantation in the mouse. Changes associated with ischemia reperfusion injury and acute rejection mirror those observed in humans. We seek to identify pathways that contribute to the failure of lung grafts that differ from other tissue and organ grafts. For example, we have described that lung grafts provide a suitable environment for the activation of alloreactive T cells indicating that local immunological events can shape the fate of pulmonary grafts. We are particularly interested in elucidating how innate immune responses such as ischemia reperfusion injury regulate adaptive immunity. To this end, we have shown that enhanced granulopoiesis following lung transplantation augments alloimmunity and abrogates immunosuppression-mediated graft acceptance. Our laboratory is also interested in intravital imaging of immune responses after transplantation. We have developed techniques to image murine lungs by two-photon microscopy in vivo, which allow us to gain insight into how local immune responses are orchestrated within pulmonary grafts. Our busy clinical lung transplant program allows us to validate findings in the mouse model in human samples with the ultimate goal to develop novel therapeutic approaches.