Charles G. Mullighan, MB,BS(Hons), MSc, MD
Photo: Charles G. Mullighan






Elected 2012
Charles Mullighan's research examines the genetic basis of leukemia. He uses genomic profiling, sequencing of cancer genomes and complementary mouse modeling to identify the genetic basis of leukemogenesis, treatment responsiveness and outcome. His work has used both microarray analysis and whole genome sequencing to identify new recurring genetic alterations contributing to the pathogenesis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia, most notably mutations that disrupt the transcriptional regulation of lymphoid development. Current work is using whole genome sequencing and transcriptomic sequencing to identify new genetic alterations in high-risk and relapsed B-progenitor and T-lineage ALL. His work also uses established and novel experimental mouse models to confirm the functional role of newly identified mutations, and to develop preclinical platforms to test the efficacy of targeted therapeutics in high risk leukemia.