Marc S. Sabatine, MD, MPH
Photo: Marc S. Sabatine





Elected 2012
Marc S. Sabatine, MD, MPH is the Chairman of the Thrombolysis in Myocardial Infarction (TIMI) Study Group, an Associate Physician in Cardiovascular Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH), and an Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Sabatine graduated magna cum laude from Harvard College and received his medical degree magna cum laude from Harvard Medical School. He did his Internal Medicine residency and Cardiology clinical fellowship at the Massachusetts General Hospital and his research fellowship at the TIMI Study Group at BWH. He received a Master of Public Health degree from the Harvard School of Public Health. Dr. Sabatine attends in the coronary care units at both Brigham and Women’s Hospital and the Massachusetts General Hospital. As Chairman of the TIMI Study Group, Dr. Sabatine leads an Academic Research Organization that includes over a dozen staff cardiologists and whose mission statement is to advance the knowledge and care of patients suffering from cardiovascular disease and its risk factors by performing clinical trials. To that end, Dr. Sabatine has led several large-scale, international, randomized controlled trials of novel antithrombotic pharmacotherapies. He was also a pioneer in the multimarker approach to risk stratification and has several NIH grants supporting the application of proteomics and metabolomics for discovery of novel biomarkers. He has a long-standing interest in pharmacogenetics and has made seminal observations on the impact of genetic polymorphisms on the pharmacologic and clinical response to antiplatelet therapy.