Kelly Anne Gebo, MD, MPH
Photo: Kelly A. Gebo
Elected 2013

Dr. Kelly Gebo is an infectious diseases physician whose academic focus is to combine two distinct but related areas: HIV clinical cohort research and HIV health services research. Her research group has built a consortium of high-volume HIV care sites throughout the United States, the HIV Research Network (HIVRN), to collect comprehensive demographic, clinical, and health utilization data on persons living with HIV. Data on over 20,000 HIV-infected individuals have been collected longitudinally since 2001. Dr. Gebo’s group is currently addressing numerous areas that affect clinical outcomes among persons living with HIV, including retention in care, disparities, and errors in HIV care. They have been able to inform national policy through their health services work examining health care utilization patterns and costs of care in persons living with HIV. Finally, the group is examining clinical outcomes in important HIV-infected subpopulations including children, adolescents, and the elderly.