Bryan R. Kestenbaum, MD, MS
Photo: Bryan R. Kestenbaum



Elected 2013

Dr. Bryan Kestenbaum’s primary research interest is to delineate relationships of metabolic complications of chronic kidney disease with subclinical and clinical disease outcomes. His research group specifically focuses on interrelated mineral metabolism disturbances of kidney disease and investigates their relationship with vascular calcification, cardiac valve calcification, cardiovascular outcomes, bone disease, and progression of kidney failure. His group also evaluates the effectiveness of treatments for mineral metabolism disorders of chronic kidney disease, including phosphate binders, activated vitamin D therapies, and surgical parathyroidectomy.

Dr. Kestenbaum’s second research interest is to characterize variability in mineral metabolism pathways among the general population and to investigate whether differences in these pathways influence general cardiovascular risk. To address this question, his research group evaluates dietary, genetic, and metabolic determinants of mineral metabolism in large cohort studies and evaluates whether these mineral metabolism pathways relate to subclinical atherosclerosis, fractures, hypertension, and clinical cardiovascular events.