Ophir David Klein, MD, PhD
Photo: Ophir David Klein



Elected 2013

Research in Dr. Ophir Klein’s lab focuses on three main areas. The first involves understanding the processes underlying craniofacial and dental malformations. The lab uses animal models to study the mechanisms responsible for the normal and abnormal development of teeth, facial skeleton, and other organs, as well as the regeneration of these organs. A second major area of investigation is understanding the cellular and molecular mechanisms that enable epithelial renewal. They primarily focus on two tissues, the lining of the intestine and the enamel-generating cells of the continuously growing rodent incisor. The third area of interest involves studying the function of Sprouty genes, which are antagonists of receptor-kinase signaling. Dr. Klein’s lab is working to understand the roles of these genes in embryonic development, adult homeostasis, embryonic stem cells, and cancer.

Honors / awards

National Academy of Medicine (2018)