Bin Tean Teh, MD, PhD
Photo: Bin Tean Teh



Elected 2014

Bin Tean Teh is an international leader in kidney (renal cell carcinoma) and Asian cancer genomics. In kidney cancer, his group has been instrumental in (1) characterizing the gene expression signatures of different kidney cancer types and the first prognostic expression signature, (2) describing the mechanism of action and resistance of sunitinib in RCC, and (3) identifying frequent mutations of chromatin enzymes, especially PBRM1. In Asian cancers, his laboratory in Singapore has contributed to (1) profiling of the mutational landscape of cholangiocarcinoma of different etiologies, (2) characterization of JAK3 mutations in NKT cell lymphoma and demonstration of the efficacy of JAK inhibitor as its targeted therapy, and (3) describing the whole-genome mutational signature of a carcinogen, aristolochic acid (AA), and its use in screening for AA involvement in cancer — a novel concept that can be applied to other carcinogens. His laboratory is currently working on translating some of these discoveries into clinical applications as novel diagnostic and therapeutic targets as well as the functional aspects of the newly discovered genes in elucidating their roles in the tumorigenesis of these cancers.