Young-sup Yoon, MD, PhD
Photo: Young-sup Yoon



Elected 2014

Dr. Yoon’s laboratory has been committed to developing a strategy for treating cardiovascular diseases using stem cells and tissue engineering technologies. Dr. Yoon’s research spans the discovery and generation of stem cells to their therapeutic application to cardiovascular diseases and diabetic neurovascular complications. His laboratory identified a series of new stem or progenitor cells including bone marrow (BM)–derived multipotent stem cells (BMSCs), BM- and peripheral blood–derived CD31+ cells, and lymphatic endothelial progenitor cells. Recently his laboratory developed a non-genetic method to generate induced pluripotent stem cells using only small molecules. Dr. Yoon is among only a small number of investigators who have made consistent discoveries on two essential elements of cardiovascular regeneration: endothelial cells and cardiomyocytes. His laboratory developed clinically compatible methods to differentiate and purify human pluripotent stem cells into cardiomyocytes and endothelial cells using nanotechnology such as molecular beacons. His laboratory currently investigates the effects of these differentiated cardiomyocytes and endothelial cells in combination with biodegradable biomaterials on heart failure, peripheral vascular disease including diabetic complications, and lymphedema. Mechanistically, the research focuses on neovascularization and cardiomyogenesis. His research has recently extended into the reprogramming of somatic cells into cardiovascular cells and the role of epigenetics.