Elliott Bennett-Guerrero, MD
Photo: Elliott Bennett-Guerrero



Elected 2015

Elliott Bennett-Guerrero’s research focuses on the design and implementation of definitive single center and multicenter clinical trials in the area of peri-operative medicine. He is a thought leader on one of the most important issues of perioperative transfusion, the use of banked blood products, and strategies designed to reduce the use transfusions and their complications. His pioneering studies on the red blood cell (RBC) storage lesion (PNAS 2007), on RBC storage duration in cardiac surgery patients (Transfusion 2009), a multicenter analysis of variability in RBC transfusion (JAMA 2010), and a healthy volunteer study comparing the impact of RBC storage time on the microcirculation and tissue/cerebral oxygenation (Transfusion 2012) have served as a beacon for a new comprehension of the previously unappreciated clinical issues in this under-researched field of intensive care medicine. He held several leadership roles in the landmark RECESS trial (NEJM 2015). RECESS, which was funded by NIH/NHLBI, was a large multicenter randomized trial of RBC storage duration in cardiac surgical patients. Dr. Bennett-Guerrero has also led clinical trials in other areas of peri-operative medicine including the prevention of surgical site infection (NEJM 2010, JAMA 2010).