Stephen Y. Chan, MD, PhD
Photo: Stephen Y. Chan



Elected 2016

Stephen Chan graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and received his MD/PhD from the University of California, San Francisco. He completed a residency in internal medicine at the Brigham and Women's Hospital (BWH) and a cardiology fellowship at the Massachusetts General Hospital. In 2011, Dr. Chan was appointed to Assistant Professor at BWH and Harvard Medical School. In 2015, Dr. Chan was recruited as an Associate Professor at the University of Pittsburgh where he serves as Director for the Center for Pulmonary Vascular Biology and Medicine. He oversees a laboratory studying the molecular mechanisms of pulmonary hypertension (PH) coupled with a clinical practice in cardiology and pulmonary vascular medicine. He has developed in silico bioinformatic approaches to analyze gene network architecture in PH. These methods have guided his in vivo experimentation with animals and humans as validation of his work. Dr. Chan’s findings were among the first to identify the pathogenic functions of microRNAs as a root cause of PH. The results offer methods to accelerate systems-wide discovery in order to identify persons at-risk for PH and develop therapeutic RNA targets -- by defining the molecular origins of PH, their roles within interconnected molecular processes, and their responses to pharmacologic interventions. This work is the cornerstone of Dr. Chan’s evolving applications of network theory to the discovery of the RNA-based origins of human diseases, in general. Dr. Chan has held grants and awards from the NIH, the American Heart Association, and the Pulmonary Hypertension Association, among many others.