Hitinder S. Gurm, MBBS
Photo: Hitinder S. Gurm



Elected 2016

Dr Gurm’s research spans many aspects of interventional cardiovascular care and he is internationally recognized for his work on comparative effectiveness of commonly used procedural devices and drugs, and on contrast induced acute kidney injury. This work has shaped contemporary clinical care and influenced healthcare policy and national guidelines. He is the principal investigator of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan cardiovascular consortium, a quality improvement collaborative of all hospitals that perform percutaneous coronary intervention in the state of Michigan. This collaborative is widely recognized for enhancing the quality and appropriateness of care across the state. The rich data from this registry has also been successfully leveraged for outcomes and policy research. This has defined the clinical effectiveness of common off (and on) label use of drugs and devices in the catheterization laboratory and has also spawned quality efforts to ensure that these agents are used appropriately and consistently. He has a specific interest in acute kidney injury in patients undergoing invasive cardiac procedures. He has published seminal observations on the appropriate care of these patients before, and during the procedures and his work on contrast thresholds is now routinely incorporated in clinical care. He has taken the observations from the population to the bench and his laboratory has developed a rabbit model of contrast induced acute kidney injury, and is using this to define the mechanism of, and to test potential treatments for this condition.