Abhinav Diwan, MBBS
Photo: Abhinav Diwan



Elected 2018

Our group’s long-term vision is to understand the role of lysosomes in orchestrating diverse cellular processes in homeostasis and under stress. In studies using mouse models, we have elucidated the regulation of transcriptional pathways driving lysosome biogenesis and uncovered evidence for acquired lysosome dysfunction in myocardial infarction, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Our work has also defined a role for stimulating lysosome function for organelle and protein quality control in diverse cell types. Ongoing work in C. elegans and mouse models is focused on uncovering alternate pathways for regulation of lysosome numbers and function; and understanding lysosomal regulation of cellular metabolism. Through these studies, we hope to develop strategies to therapeutically target lysosomal pathways in common cardio-metabolic diseases and neurologic conditions, such as Alzheimer’s disease, that are underscored by a common set of risk factors.