Yujin Hoshida, MD, PhD
Photo: Yujin Hoshida
Elected 2018

Dr. Yujin Hoshida is a physician scientist trained for clinical gastroenterology and hepatology, diagnostic pathology, diagnostic and interventional radiology, biostatistics, genomics, and systems biology. Dr. Hoshida directs a laboratory studying molecular classification, prognostic prediction, and chemoprevention in liver cirrhosis and cancer. He has been leading several international translational liver cirrhosis/cancer genomics projects, including Precision Liver Cancer Prevention Consortium, utilizing high-throughput omics technologies and integrative clinical and cross-species genomic analysis over the past decade. The current focuses of his team include identification and validation of liver cancer risk-predictive molecular biomarkers for each specific regional, etiological, and racial/ethnic liver cirrhosis/cancer patient population by analyzing clinical specimens from Europe, Asia, and the US, development of risk-stratified personalized cancer screening strategy based on cost-effectiveness analysis, identification of therapeutic and chemopreventive targets in liver cirrhosis and cancer, and development of nanotechnology-based chemoprevention therapies.