Stephanie Caroline Eisenbarth, MD, PhD
Photo: Stephanie C Eisenbarth



Elected 2020

Dr. Stephanie Eisenbarth is an Associate Professor in the Departments of Laboratory Medicine, Immunobiology and the Section of Allergy & Immunology at Yale University School of Medicine. Her research focuses on how dendritic cells, B cells and T cells interact to induce tailored adaptive immune responses. This work spans how this triad is operational in the spleen to transfused red blood cells (RBCs), in the lung to aeroallergens and the gut to food allergens. This has led to identification of the dendritic cell population that regulates T cell activation to allogeneic RBCs and discovery of a mechanism by which this population can be inhibited during transfusion. Using RBC transfusion models, work from the Eisenbarth lab has also supported a developing paradigm in which specialized migratory dendritic cell subsets preferentially interact in domains enriched for CD4+ or CD8+ T cells to selectively promote adaptive immune responses in the spleen. In the allergy field, the lab recently discovered a new T follicular helper cell that drives IgE to allergens. Such an understanding has important implications for potentially altering the inappropriate immune response to food allergens. Dr. Eisenbarth also practices clinical pathology at Yale New Haven Hospital with a focus on immune-mediated disorders including autoimmunity, immunodeficiency syndromes and allergic disease.