Richard C. Wang, MD, PhD
Photo: Richard C. Wang






Elected 2020

Dr. Wang grew up in Houston and received his undergraduate degree from Stanford University. He enrolled in the Tri-Institutional M.D./Ph.D. Program in New York completing his graduate work with Titia de Lange at The Rockefeller University and medical school at Weill Cornell. After completing his residency in dermatology at UT Southwestern, he completed a postdoctoral fellowship with Beth Levine.

His lab focuses on two research areas. First, they study double-stranded DNA tumor viruses, including human papillomaviruses (HPVs) and human polyomaviruses (HPyV). They are interested in understanding why only a small fraction of these ubiquitous viruses cause cancers and infectious diseases. In addition, they study glucose transport and metabolism and how those processes become dysregulated in the development of both cancer and inflammatory diseases.

Dr. Wang enjoys practicing general dermatology and has an interest in immunosuppressed patients with skin cancers or viral infections.