Sung Won Choi, MD MS
Photo: Sung Won Choi






Elected 2021

As a clinical translational scientist, I have a broad background in pediatric hematology-oncology with specific training and expertise in hematopoietic cell transplantation (HCT). I direct a multidisciplinary research group that examines biological, clinical, and psychosocial outcomes in the HCT population. My training in clinical medicine and patient-oriented research have provided me with an excellent foundation on which to design, execute, and coordinate investigator-initiated clinical trials. Accordingly, my research program seeks to develop deep understanding of the pathophysiological mechanisms that underlie complications in the HCT population. As PI or Co-I on several university-, foundation-, and NIH-funded grants, I have a strong portfolio of patient-oriented research projects related to the following themes: 1) translating and testing novel strategies to prevent GVHD (phase I, II, III clinical trials experience); 2) understanding biological, clinical, and psychosocial predictors of post-HCT complications; and 3) supporting HCT patients and family caregivers by leveraging novel health technologies and applying innovative data analytics. These themes highlight my passion in bringing together ideas, approaches, technologies, disciplines, and collaborators.

As an Asian American and female leader in academic medicine, I am passionate about serving the next generation of physician-scientists. I have mentored or co-mentored over 45 junior scientists and have greater than 120 peer-reviewed publications with at least 45 trainees having first- or co-author positions. I prioritize efforts to create a research environment that reflects diversity, equity, and inclusion - more than half of my trainees have been female, at least three trainees have identified as LGBTQ scholars, and at least two have identified as first-generation college graduates. I am sensitive, respectful, and passionate about providing safe and equitable approaches to the conduct of research. Together with trainees and through collaborative team science, I hope to make impactful contributions to the health and health-related quality of life of individuals undergoing HCT.