Jacob G. Scott, MD, DPhil
Photo: Jacob G. Scott



Elected 2021

I am a veteran of the US Navy submarine force turned academic physician-scientist.
My lab pursues research decomposing the complexity of cancer through mathematical modeling and the biological and clinical validation of these models.
My background in physics, medicine, mathematics and engineering gives me a unique perspective on cancer and systems biology and I am able to communicate and collaborate with professionals across many disciplines.
I have worked extensively on mathematical modeling of cancer evolution and treatment using a variety of models including evolutionary game theory, cellular automata, differential equations and Markov chains.
My DPhil thesis focused on the role of heterogeneity, both genetic and microenvironmental, on cancer evolution and radiation response, and my laboratory’s focus is cancer evolution and therapy resistance.
Since starting my own group, I have begun to diversify, and my lab now has a significant experimental component.
We have been conducting experimental evolution in cancer cell lines as well as bacteria.
The combination of mathematics, experimental evolution and a clinical focus makes my laboratory stand out as one of the most interdisciplinary in the field of translational cancer evolution, and I am eager to use my distinct perspective to help advance this field to help my patients.