Scott E. Evans, MD, FCCP, ATSF
Photo: Scott E. Evans



Elected 2022

Scott E. Evans, MD, is a Professor and the Chairman ad interim in the Department of Pulmonary Medicine and the Rebecca Meyer Brown and Joseph Mellinger Brown Chair in Basic Science Research at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Dr Evans received his undergraduate degree in the Plan II Honors Program at the University of Texas before obtaining his medical degree AOA at the Univeristy of Texas Medical School at San Antonio. He completed Internal Medicine residency and Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine fellowship at the Mayo Clinic where he served as adminstrative (chief) fellow and completed the Clinician-Investigator research training program in the laboratory of ASCI member Andrew H. Limper, MD.

Dr Evans’s research, both laboratory-based and clinical, is dedicated to exploring and exploiting the mechanisms that prevent humans from universally succumbing to the respiratory pathogens they inhale or aspirate every day, especially in the setting of cancer-related immunocompromise. The Evans laboratory investigates how the lungs defensively respond to pathogens and works to harness these native mechanisms to protect patients during episodes of peak vulnerability. Dr Evans’s clinical research is focused on diagnosing and managing infectious lung complications in immunosuppressed patients. By maintaining a singular focus on pneumonia-related lung injury while engaged in complementary mechanistic and clinical investigations, the Evans research group has been able to rapidly identify novel, clinical-stage therapeutic interventions for pneumonia while also defining the scope of the clinical problem in this unique population and providing novel diagnostic insights. The Evans research program has been continuously supported by NIH funding since 2007, notably including an NIH Director’s New Innovator award and an NHLBI Emerging Investigator award.