Babak Javid, MB BChir, PhD
Photo: Babak Javid



Elected 2023

My research interests center around the pathophysiology of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from the perspective of both the pathogen and the host.  On the pathogen side, we have focused on the role of the regulation of a fundamental cellular process -- protein synthesis -- in allowing M. tuberculosis to adapt to hostile environments including antibiotics and the host. This work has had important implications on tolerance to first-line anti-TB antibiotics, duration of TB drug regimens, mechanisms of bacterial virulence and the development of antibiotic resistance. On the host side, our focus has been on the role of human humoral immunity to tuberculosis. We have identified mechanisms by which antibodies isolated from both patients with TB and non-active TB individuals mediate protection against tuberculosis, which has implications for both preventative and therapeutic vaccine design.