Minang Mintu Turakhia, MD, MAS
Photo: Mintu P. Turakhia
Elected 2018

I am a cardiac electrophysiologist, outcomes researcher, and clinical trialist. The goal of my research is to improve the quality, outcomes, and value of the treatment of heart rhythm disorders, with a focus on atrial fibrillation (AF). I have developed a multidisciplinary outcomes research program that draws upon technical knowledge, principles, and methods from computer science, biostatistics, economics, health services research, epidemiology, and clinical cardiac electrophysiology.

My work extends across classical outcomes and health services research (quality of care, comparative effectiveness, cost-effectiveness), risk prediction (disparate and high dimensional data linkage, biostatistics, machine and deep learning), and clinical trials (investigational devices, multicenter, digital health interventions). As the Director of Stanford’s Center for Digital Health, I am PI of several large-scale trials (one with up to 500,000 participants) that test a combination of technology and behavior science interventions to improve aspects of care including arrhythmia screening, medication adherence, risk factor modification, and virtual or remote care.