Eran Bendavid, MD, MS
Photo: Eran Bendavid



Elected 2019

I am a physician-scientist with expertise in infectious diseases and global health epidemiology and policy studies at Stanford University. My work, broadly, involves studying the economic, environmental, and policy drivers of health improvements, mostly for populations living in resource-strapped countries. My current portfolio includes evaluations of major programs for reducing the burden of HIV, malaria, and childhood diseases; studying the implications of upstream drivers of child and maternal health, including pollution and extreme climate events; and measuring the indirect impacts of armed conflicts on civilian populations. My methodologic areas of expertise include econometric evaluations and policy modeling, with a particular focus on causal inference of impact and mathematical modeling of health and economic systems. My research spans disciplines and I commonly work with economists, political scientists, computer scientists, and environmental scientists. My recent work on environmental drivers of mortality is an expression of my growing interest in empirical assessment of climate-health linkages, and has been published in Lancet and Nature.