Jonathan J. Miner, MD, PhD
Photo: Jonathan J. Miner


Elected 2024

Dr. Jonathan Miner is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine (Penn). Dr. Miner is a rheumatologist with combined expertise in autoimmunity and antiviral immunity. The Miner laboratory studies inherited rheumatic diseases caused by mutations in antiviral genes that regulate inflammatory responses triggered by DNA and RNA. Dr. Miner has been recognized with numerous honors awards, including the Distinguished Fellow Award from the American College of Rheumatology, the Ann Palmenberg Award from the American Society for Virology, and the Young Physician-Scientist Award from the American Society for Clinical Investigation. Key discoveries made by the Miner laboratory include the discovery that STING-associated autoinflammation can occur independently of type I interferon, a role for STING and type II interferon in lymph node development, the role of interferon-lambda in the cornea, the capacity of multiple flaviviruses to cross the placenta, and the impact of gain-of-function mutations in allowing viruses to cause pathology associated with autoimmune disease. Dr. Miner also takes care of rare disease patients from around the world, and his team has generated numerous animal models with human disease-causing mutations. The Miner laboratory uses these models to define underlying mechanisms of disease and to facilitate the development of personalized therapies for these patients.